November 4, 2016

Ruth Mahood

Karamoja is the poorest region in Uganda. The Karimojong live traditional cattle-herding lives in small communities (manyattas) scattered across a harsh landscape. Among this group of people there are few Christians and most villages remain untouched by the good news of Jesus Christ. I hope to initially spend time building relationships, learning culture, and practicing physiotherapy, whilst also working with the local church to share the gospel with the Karimojong… Many people who hear what the future holds for me say ‘wow, that’s so exciting.’ Excited is not one of the emotions I feel. I feel nervous and anxious. I have days where I feel lost and overwhelmed at the thought of leaving all my family and friends behind. But emotions are fleeting and I know that God has greater strength than I could ever need or even imagine. Pray that I would remember this daily.” Please also pray for the Lord’s provision of Ruth’s financial support. If she is to leave for her assignment in early January, she needs to hand in her notice at work by next Friday, but before doing that she needs more people to pledge to support her.

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