August 24, 2018

Ruth Mahood

Ruth, who has been in the UK on medical leave and has just returned to Uganda for a short visit, writes, “When I left Kotido last September the goal was to go back when I was medically cleared to do so. As time continued, and following discussions with AIM, a decision has been made that I will not return to ministry in Kotido. This was not an easy decision but it has been made for a number of reasons…It is not always easy to finish one phase in life without knowing what’s coming next. It leaves you in a transition phase, in limbo, with many unknowns and it’s not always a comfortable place. When the unknowns tempt me to fear it’s important for me to lift my eyes from them and to focus on what I do know. And this I do know: God is faithful from generation to generation. There are so many wonderful examples of His faithfulness in the Bible. Pick one up and read them for yourself. He keeps all His promises. He is with me. He protects me and I have no need to fear the unknown. I will visit Uganda in the coming weeks to go to Kotido and close out my time there, pack up my home and say goodbyes. I will then spend time with AIM discerning where God would have me serve…Please pray for my time in Uganda that I would close up well in Kotido and be an encouragement to those I speak with; also for wisdom for myself and AIM as together we seek God for the next steps.”

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