May 19, 2017

Ruth Mahood

The next phase for each of us is spending more time exploring, developing and beginning ministry… I am exploring how best to use the skills God has given me. Physiotherapy is not a well-known profession in Kotido and there has never been a physiotherapist here. I have been able to treat several neighbours and friends over the past number of weeks and many see the need and benefit of physiotherapy. The local counsellor for disabled children gave me the opportunity to meet with her and we plan to visit some of the sub-districts within Kotido. I hope to be based at the Church of Uganda Health Centre, which is on the compound where I live. God in his wisdom knows how my ministry will develop.” Praise God that Ruth has the opportunity to use her physiotherapy skills, and please pray for her as she continues to find her place in life and ministry in Kotido.

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