March 20, 2015

Russ & Lyn Noble

“Our old home of nearly seven years belongs to the Torit local church now. We had an encouraging letter from the AIC recognising the importance of the literacy work in the church and thanking us for our house. They wrote that one room would be converted into a literacy office/store and the rest of the house as a church office and guest house. We were very happy to hear this!  Other rented accommodation for us will need to be found upon our return in June. Pray for Adult Literacy Teachers like Solomon, John, Jackson, Peter, Victor, Respicio, Ladu, and Daniel to be encouraged in their teaching and that the adults enjoy learning with them. Praise God for the new Otuho Primer books and pray they will be well used and enjoyed. Marta, who has learnt to read in Solomon’s and Kamilo’s classes, gave her testimony at the thanksgiving service for the newly dedicated Otuho Primer books. She said she wants to teach others to read too!  Pray that more women and men will learn to read and become teachers, passing on what they have learnt to others.”

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