August 19, 2016

Russ and Lyn Noble

Russ and Lyn were able to return to South Sudan on 1st August after being evacuated from the country due to recent violence and unrest in the country. Since arriving back at their ministry location in Torit, they write: “We have been pleased to see some easing of the food shortage situation – partly as local crops are at the early stage of producing a harvest (maize, greens, some vegetables, peanuts), and partly as armed convoys of vehicles are managing to get through the link roads to Torit and bringing staple food supplies. Praise the Lord for the good rains especially during July after a time of drought! The prices are still very high for most people but now with supply improving the prices are just beginning to lower, thankfully.” They also write: “Geoff and Pat, who had valiantly remained in Torit throughout the month of July after the initial rebel attack on Torit around the time fighting broke out in Juba in early July. They have been overseeing the situation and making daily decisions concerning the return of our AIM team in the country. So far, a few of us have returned, with the hope of some others in the next week or so, Lord willing. In a few months’ time if all personnel are on the ground there would be 25 adults and 12 children from nine nationalities.”

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