July 15, 2016

Russ & Lyn Noble

At the moment we are currently taking an R&R at Lokichoggio in Kenya (where we used to live)… In Torit, fighting erupted [on Monday morning] in some areas. We got news of this from our AIM Team Leader who is still in Torit. We are thankful that a number of AIM missionaries (including ourselves) are not in South Sudan at the moment for various reasons…. Please pray for protection for civilians seeking shelter at UN safe zones and elsewhere. Pray for provision of basic necessities such as food, safe water and shelter (it is now rainy season). Pray for wisdom for AIM and other Missions as they make decisions as to how best to respond to what should be done in this situation. Pray for our many South Sudanese friends as they seek safety for their families and look to the Lord for their futures.

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