May 29, 2015

Peter & Katy Wilson

 “At Titchie, we have 31 boarders out of our 100+ kid but at the High School the ratio is reversed. Not everybody agrees or is called to boarding but many parents couldn’t be doing what they’re doing without being able to send their kids here to RVA. Or in other words, if we are serious about seeing all nations come before His throne, this is the reality of what this looks like in some places. Personally I feel these parents are heroes of the faith. They are willing to ‘give up’ more than most of us and seeing the wrench is humbling. It’s humbling too that they entrust their kids to us. It is a huge responsibility to care for other people’s kids. It is my hope that we provide a top class education, but more importantly, we point them to Christ. RVA is a fun place with lots to do and part of the thinking is keeping the kids occupied goes a long way to fight home sickness. Outside of the school day, dorm parents look after our dorm kids in extended family settings at the Titchie level. And I get to cover the 5th and 6th Grade boys’ dorm every Wednesday night. It truly is my favourite night of the week. Katy organises snack and then we do devotions, play games and then have study hour. They are a lively bunch. They’re also some of the coolest kids on the planet. Representing the US, UK, Canada, Burundi, Korea and Kenya these boys teach me what following the Lord really means as they pray, grow, learn and play together.” 

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