September 27, 2019

Peter & Katy Wilson

“Each term we have one weekend dedicated to Titchie. We have a field day with all sorts of fun activities and then Titchies lead the Sunday morning service and the sermon is aimed at us! We’re just back from that service where we were reminded how able our kids are to adapt to different cultures as they grow up as TCKs (Third Culture Kids) much like the Israelites were in Babylon. They know about learning languages, they know about how to play with kids from all over the world, they know how to drive stick shift and perhaps even fix that stick shift… They are specially gifted in working cross culturally and many will do so. Many will simply return to their ‘home’ cultures and become teachers, plumbers, doctors, bin men or whatever but a disproportionate number will come back, and in his book ‘School in the Clouds’ Phil Dow describes RVA’s role in bringing the gospel to East Africa and beyond. Please continue to pray with us and for us in our role of ‘educating and discipling thus enabling families to serve,’ RVA’s mission. We get to teach, coach, mentor, support, encourage and love these kids that go on to do some amazing things.”

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