March 29, 2019

Peter & Katy Wilson

Yesterday, Peter & Katy wrote: “Cyclone Idai. AIM workers in Mozambique are right in the middle of the devastation that is the result of this terrible natural disaster. The Koehn family have been sheltering 300 people for almost two weeks and Steve Entwistle, who is on staff here at RVA, has been asked to head up a relief effort taking food, medicine and other essentials to those in need. Several of our students will return home to Mozambique within the next few days, having struggled knowing their parents are going through such a difficult time.” Please pray for Steve as he also leads AIM’s Crisis Management Team for the relief effort in Mozambique. And please pray for pupils at RVA whose parents are caught up in the crisis. Pray for safe travel as they go to be with their parents, and pray that their whole families will be trusting in God’s sovereignty, provision and protection. For more ways you can pray and give to the relief effort, go to

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