February 12, 2016

Pete & Libby Halestrap

In December the first group of Emergency medicine and Critical Care Clinical Officers (ECCCOs) completed their training. They have been a huge encouragement to us and have made a massive impact in terms of the care being provided in the Emergency Department and the ICU. In January the second intake arrived to start their training, and some of the recent graduates have already begun to take on responsibility for teaching their colleagues. It has been wonderful for Pete to watch them expertly instructing the new students on a variety of topics that were, only a year ago, completely new to them. A part of the training programme also considers world mission and involves the trainees attending the Kairos world mission course. Many of last year’s group were deeply challenged about their role in sharing God’s love with the world and some have subsequently been on outreach trips to Creative Access regions of Africa. With this current group attending the same course in just a few weeks’ time it is a trend we pray will continue.” Praise God for the ECCCO graduates and how they have grown in medical skill through their training, and pray that the programme will train not just good doctors but people with a heart for mission as well.

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