October 30, 2015

Pete & Libby Halestrap

“One thing I’ve always loved about Kenyan culture is the value it places on relationships. Time spent sitting with someone is never time wasted, and the opportunity to share moments of joy or sorrow, anxiety or delight is set above many other activities or priorities… Even recently I’ve had the privilege of weeping with friends through sorrow and rejoicing with others in joy. I’ve also seen our community, made up of many friends from various parts of Kenya and indeed the globe, visit, pray and even bring dinners during a time of sickness. I’ve been overwhelmed and humbled by hospitality, and in turn I’ve been able to welcome many friends and visitors into our home. I’m conscious of the immense blessing this is; it is these occasions that bring unity and deepening friendships, and I’m so grateful for them. In the midst of busy schedules, both within the hospital and at home with three small children, may we never lose sight of the value of relationships.”

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