June 21, 2019

Pete & Libby Halestrap

Pete writes: “A few weeks ago, I was able to go and visit another hospital in Kenya called Kapsowar. The main purpose of visiting was to spend time with some other people from AIM who have been working there for decades, but it was also a chance to discuss the opportunity for them to host and train family medicine (GP) residents, and to see how they were progressing with their new hospital IT system, which is the same one that we are getting here in a few months’ time… Kapsowar is a smaller hospital than Kijabe and has far fewer consultant staff, but it was really encouraging to see the amazing work they are doing there. It was clear what an impact the hospital is having on the local community and I learnt many things from the people I met.” Praise God for the ministry of Kapsowar Hospital, and pray that they will continue to impact their local community for the gospel.

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