October 5, 2018

Pete & Libby Halestrap

A month ago, Pete & Libby Halestrap returned to Kenya after some time in the UK over the summer: “[For many overseas workers] ‘home’ cannot be confined to one place or country, and even when you are fully immersed and settled in one place you know there will always be another that you love and miss. Nevertheless there is indeed a great richness in having more than one home, and it is an immense privilege to know and love many wonderful people across the globe. We’re reminded of this when we make the transition to the UK and back again, and fresh goodbyes are never easy. Yet in equal measure we count it a joy to be able to visit England each year, and to be refreshed and encouraged by the many people we love. We remain humbled by their support and interest, and for the opportunities we have to reconnect and share something of our Kijabe lives… And when our time is done for another year we’re grateful for smooth transitions, as we jump again from one home to another, and settle back into our Kenyan life.” Please pray for the whole family as they continue to re-settle into life in Kenya.

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