March 31, 2017

Paul & Helen

Paul & Helen (Esme, 5; Martha, 2; Tabitha) have just moved to Kotido, Uganda to work in a team amongst the Karimojong people. They write: “We’ve been in Kotido over a month now and are settling well. Since our last update we’ve been setting up home, starting language lessons, starting homeschool with Esme, making friends and exploring the local area. It’s been busy and we’ve had some tough days but God has been good and we’ve seen His hand in the details… (later in the update)…We have 2 hour language lessons each weekday as a team. Our language helper is Lokuda who we met through a friend we’ve made in the town. He’s been excellent and really got into the lessons”. Give thanks for a good start to language learning and homeschooling. Please pray for: perseverance in language learning; meaningful friendships with neighbours and local Karimojong; God would show where and how to start getting involved in ministry; that the team would mesh well.

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