September 16, 2016

Paul & Helen

Paul & Helen and their family have recently started renting out their house so have needed to move to live with friends for the final few months before their assignment begins. “We have moved and now live in a house of 11 people. It’s fun, noisy and never boring! Tabitha is settling in to the chaos and adding her own chaos to the mix. Esme has started in reception at school, which she is really enjoying but it’s really tiring so she’s always first in bed. Martha is loving having four older brothers in the house and is very sad when everyone leaves for school in the mornings. Helen and I have been quite tired with the move, our three girls, work and preparations for Uganda but God continues to sustain us.” Please pray for God’s continued sustaining of this family in these final months of preparation, and please continue to pray for them as they prepare to move to Uganda.

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