October 23, 2020

Paul & Helen

Paul, Helen and the girls are currently in the UK preparing for a new assignment, after having finished their ministry among the Karimojong in Uganda. “Praise the Lord we attended our first in person church service for seven months yesterday, and what a blessing it was (Uganda only opened churches the day we flew out so it has been since mid-March). Obviously it was marred by the Covid restrictions of social distancing, no singing, masks and no proper socialising – however being with God’s people, hearing his word, praying together and praising in our hearts (rather than with our mouths) was a real encouragement. It made us long more for the day when we will all stand in heaven with people from every tribe and tongue and people and nation praising Jesus.” Praise God for this encouragement, and pray that the family’s time in the UK before they begin their next assignment will be refreshing for them.

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