May 7, 2020

Paul & Helen

“In Kotido we make up 50% of the doctors in the district for about 250,000 people. So we have been very, very busy! We are part of the task force that’s looking after the district, so we’ve been doing a lot of training, a lot of investigating of what might work in Kotido compared to other more resourced areas like Kampala. We’ve been working with other staff within the district at the other health centres to see what might be possible in our district. It’s led to some really nice new friendships, particularly with one guy, Abdullai, who we haven’t really worked with before. Pray for us in that, that we’ll take opportunities to witness – we’ve been able to go into facilities in the district that are really in the bush that we’ve never managed to get to before, we’ve never had a reason to go to before, and all of a sudden we have open access.”

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