September 6, 2019

Paul & Helen

Paul & Helen will return to Uganda next week after a few months’ Home Assignment. “Home Assignment has given us space and time, to think and prepare, so we’re feeling refreshed and have been able to get some great perspective on our work and priorities when we get back… This Home Assignment we have been reminded of the primary reason we live in Kotdio in the first place, we are there because there are so many (>98%) of people in Kotido who do not have a relationship with Jesus, who are not trusting in him to cleanse all their sins and who will not get the joy and blessing of spending eternity with him. We are there to share that good news, to support and encourage the church to share the good news amongst all, and to encourage and build up those who do believe to continue in faith and to share it with others. Please pray God gives us strength to do this work and please pray he blesses it and many strong and faith churches would grow and be planted amongst the Jie of Kotido.”

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