May 20, 2016

Paul & Helen

When we left Uganda in 2013 it was clear to us that it wouldn’t be the last time we lived overseas. Since then God’s call on our family has become more clear… We’ll be going to the north east to a region called Karamoja… Our role there will be to work amongst the unreached Karimojong people in healthcare and with churches with the hope of seeing people come to know Jesus as their saviour. It has now started to feel very real with a lot going on in the next eight months before we leave. The summer will be busy for us with a [having a] baby at the start and then moving out of our house at the end of the summer… We are so tempted to rely on ourselves in everything and God has continually shown us he is in control in every circumstance. Please pray he will help us to trust in him and not ourselves. Please pray that we would trust that he is in complete and perfect control of the next eight months.”

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