March 8, 2019

Paul & Helen

“It’s seven weeks until we leave Kotido to start making our way back to the UK . We’re in the middle of handing over lots of ministry things, especially to do with the Health Centres, doing lots of training and making sure that people understand how things should be going. Paul has been handing out and working with quite a lot of audio Bible plans. They’re little solar powered devices that he puts different books of the New Testament on that we’ve got recorded in Nkarimojong. And he has been training people – God promises that when his word it never comes back empty, so he has been trying to sow the Word out there with people who can’t read and don’t have access to it. Pray for us as we begin to prepare to leave for four months – by the time we come back it will be closer to five months! Please pray for us all to adapt well back into UK life and that our reverse culture shock would be mild. It’s going to be especially tough for Tabitha and Martha because they have no real memory of the UK, so please pray especially for the kids.”

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