November 30, 2018

Paul & Helen

Helen says: “At the Health Centre, things have been a lot easier, especially since Joe and Timothy have come in. They have been amazing, and now there’s a really good atmosphere there, and the staff seem much more invested in working there. That’s really helped me get a better work-rest balance; I was carrying a pretty heavy load there at one point and it was getting a bit overwhelming, really. So I have been able to rest – learned to rest – a bit more. Homeschooling has been going well, and I’ve started my Masters as well. Every Wednesday I have a full day in my hut by myself, and I’ve been enjoying my Masters… Please pray for people to come and join us here, because we’re looking for people to join the team towards the end of next year; we are especially looking for somebody to come and help me with homeschool. Please pray for somebody to feel the ‘call’.”

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