September 18, 2020

Paul and Helen

Paul and Helen work in Kotido, Uganda, among the Karimojong, serving through healthcare whilst working with the local church. “We have seen a lot of deaths of children the last 2 weeks mainly due to anaemia (destruction of the red blood cells) from malaria which has been tragic. There are many factors leading to this; there’s no blood in Karamoja at the moment due to countrywide shortages due to COVID, families are really poor at the moment as the harvest has not quite come and we’re in our 9th month of a livestock sale ban (main source of income for the Karimojong) due to foot and mouth disease, so they are coming late to seek healthcare and the underfunded health system is dealing with 2 epidemics (COVID + cholera). Pray the deaths will stop, the families will seek healthcare early, that the livestock ban will be lifted, that cholera cases will decline and for the health system -blood, staff, COVID etc. A Christian family Paul visited on Thurs, Jonah and Christine, have lost 2 children in the last month – a premature baby and a 2 yr old from malaria – pray for them. Pray that God will hold them fast and make his presence known in their darkness, that in the depths of their pain they wouldn’t let go of the hope they have in Christ.”

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