May 15, 2020

Owen & Miriam Pugh

“We are writing this from Kondoa, where we have had to relocate for a short while so that the children can continue with their schooling. RVA have done an amazing job of getting the third term of school available online for all the students, which is great. Despite negotiations with our local phone company, we couldn’t guarantee a good enough solution in Ga/ara, especially until the roads are mended. We are very thankful to God to have a house to be based out of here in Kondoa with lots of space for us, and internet for school… We would appreciate prayers as a family as we continue to adjust to a life for a few weeks/months, different than any of us were expecting. The kids are mourning all sorts of losses and adapting to a very new way of doing school. Town life, supporting our kids, Ramadan and Covid-19 have made our entry into this community very different for us too. But we are getting there!”

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