July 8, 2016

Matt & Amy Dixon

Amy writes: “Since I got married [to Matt] 10 years ago I have moved house five times, and in the next year it will be twice more (one in the next month here in Morogoro, and if all goes to plan, again next year back to the UK for our next Home Assignment)… As well as moving house, living out here brings up transition for other reasons. [IBM] is a transitory community where people come for a year or two and then depart again. Friendships are made, and then you are saying goodbye. Even for our children, friendships are changing. A year ago Elia had five girls in her class who are now no longer there… God is the same yesterday, today and forever. His kingdom is steadfast and certain and we are all citizens of it. As we face each transition, for whatever reason, may these truths remind us of where our foundations need to be and where we need to place our hope.” Please pray that the Dixon family will handle transition well and that they will be comforted by knowing God is everlasting and unchanging.

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