January 8, 2015

Matt & Amy Dixon

“… on Christmas Eve we joined in with the annual carol service at a small Anglican church – Elia and Fin were Mary and a shepherd and sang Silent Night with some of their friends, I sang some other carols with a ‘choir’.  On Christmas Day we all enjoyed opening our gifts first thing then we ate a lovely roast dinner (beef and chicken) and had savoury treats with Tony and Cath [Swanson] in the evening.  Boxing Day we went to a local hotel and used their pool and had food there.  It was great – the kids loved the pool, especially Matilda! …Matt has been back and forth to Sanga Sanga over the Christmas/New Year period and has worked on setting out the area where the conference centre and his new office will be located… and reading over the plans, and doing research on different options for the foundations.“

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