August 31, 2018

Matt & Amy Dixon

“As we look ahead there are many changes afoot within our AIM team here working with Institute of Bible and Ministry. Cath and Tony [Swanson] leave for their Home Assignment in December, they will then be moving onto life in Uganda being in Entebbe near the International Airport as much of their lives are spent flying around the world. Pastor Yohana Batano and his family moved to Sanga Sanga from Dar es Salaam in April. Yohana has worked alongside Tony and Steve for many years teaching at the regional seminars of IBM. He has now been employed by the Church to take on Tony’s various roles at Sanga Sanga. In January we will be joined by another AIM family, the Wildasins who have been in Tanzania on and off for seven years, they were part of the same group of new missionaries that arrived with us in Kenya in 2011. They will be coming to help develop the sustainable agricultural work. Please pray for grace and wisdom for management of Sanga Sanga over the coming months as things transition.”

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