June 22, 2018

Matt & Amy Dixon

“It has been a bit of a crazy week or two of one thing after another which makes you feel like an actor in a Carry- On film!! Finley had a stye and then got hit in the head with a football and got a nasty black eye, he couldn’t open it for a few days. Matt also had nasty sties in both eyes. Tony [Swanson] has had malaria, followed by an asthma attack a few weeks later but underlying had fevers which were grumbling on. He was diagnosed with pneumonia at the end of last week and has been in a local clinic hospital on a drip and IV antibiotics. Thankfully Fin, Matt and Tony are all improving. Though prayers for full recoveries would be fantastic…Today one of the painters (Asthmani) who is sub-contracted with a team of painters working on the inside of the conference building managed to cut his right hand off with a disc cutter. He was cutting the ceiling board preparing it for skimming and painting. This is a tragic accident. They were not able to reattach the hand. Please pray for his stump to be operated on well and for it to heal well and that he will be able to regain employment despite losing his hand. There are under three weeks now until the conference building opening and it does feel like the pressure is on and the enemy is firing his arrows attacking on all sides…We thank you so much for your prayers for our family, team and workers.”

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