September 9, 2016

Matt & Abbi McClure

Matt & Abbi McClure are short term missionaries who are joining the AIM team in Morogoro, Tanzania until April 2017. After they finish an intensive Kiswahili-learning course, Matt will use his building skills to help in the construction of the Sanga Sanga retreat centre, and Abbi will be doing a variety of things including helping to teach in a local Sunday school. “We are… excited to join the community of fellow AIM missionaries in Morogoro which we will be working alongside. Last weekend we visited the AIM team there and saw first-hand the Sanga Sanga project. They will have us there from October until April, supporting them in any way possible as they carry on their long term projects. We pray that as we continue to thrive through our interactions with fellow Christian communities, both home and abroad, that we will look to God as well as learning from these communities around us, relying on them when needed as part of a larger Christian body. And, in turn, we hope we can be a witness through our words, actions and our skills, whatever that might look like, serving with a smile on our faces!”

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