June 12, 2020

Mat & Katy Linley

The Linleys are currently in the UK for Home Assignment. In summer 2020 they will begin new assignments in Kenya. “Despite the current pandemic, the hope is still that, later this year, Mat will take up a position in the AIM Southern Region office (in Nairobi) where he will be part of the team supporting AIM’s work across Southern Africa… We are hoping to live in Kijabe, a small town approximately 60km to the north of Nairobi where AIM run a school, the Rift Valley Academy… The plan is that Katy can work part-time as a volunteer doctor at Kijabe Hospital, which is next door to the school, doing a combination of clinical practice and training. The new position in Kenya is due to start at the end of August, in time for the beginning of the academic year. However, as is the case the world over, there is much uncertainty about how the coming weeks and months will work out… Give thanks that in this world full of uncertainty that God is in control. Pray that we would be patient and continue to trust that God’s plans for our life will happen in his timing.”

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