May 11, 2018

Mat & Katy Linley

“Rivalde is 8 years old and a student at the Ecole Bonne Nouvelle (Good News School), in the class above Barney. His father, Velomila, worked as a security guard at the school but in the last few weeks became very ill and died. In the local culture, mourners visit and stay with the family from the moment a person dies until the body is buried. Many gathered upon the death of Velomila, and his wife and the people around her were crying, when Rivalde, this 8-year old boy, addressed them: “Don’t cry for father. He suffered much because of the sickness in his head. Jesus has come to take him with him. He accepted that. He is now together with God, with Jesus.” The people stopped crying and then he led those gathered there in a song of thankfulness to God.”

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