August 11, 2017

Martin & Joy Koch

“Another big happening in Lchakwai is the “lorora” built in preparation for the final Lmuget of the Kichami Moran of the Ltoijo clan. A lorora is a large settlement of houses built especially for this time and this celebration by the mothers of the Kichami Moran. There are about 40 houses in the “lorora” that is located not far from the primary school and not far from our home. Women, men and Moran have come from quite some distances to participate in this lorora. So we have been meeting new people and occasionally have had the opportunity to share the gospel with them. Our home has become quite the meeting place. At about 3 PM you may find some 12-15 men gathered at our house to drink a cup of chai and talk with each other. We were able to share the Jesus Film in the lorora and the day afterwards one of the men was telling all the others how Jesus had said to turn the other cheek. The men were interested in hearing the story of the crucifixion of Jesus and his resurrection. And we even talked a bit about the meaning afterwards. Pray that these seeds will bear fruit and spur interest in knowing about this Jesus! Keep praying for those five Samburu men to follow Jesus by the end of 2017. We still don’t know who they are, but we are praying for a number of men and are excited to learn just how God is working and drawing men to himself.”

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