March 10, 2017

Martin & Joy Koch

Joy writes: “Most of you know that we have been praying particularly for Samburu men to come to Christ. I had been wondering how God might have been working in hearts through the stories, scripture and songs on the MP3 players that a number of people had received. At first, it was discouraging to learn that a number of these MP3 players had been damaged, lost or simply were not working properly. However, later we discovered that some people had been listening to the Bible stories and thinking about them. Menye Israel who lives in Moru has been asking lots of questions concerning the stories like, “Who are the people of Israel?” and “Why did the Romans kill Jesus?” We have been trying to explain as well as we can. We were also encouraged by the strong interest a number of men expressed in receiving one of these MP3 players. We have since got eight more of these “treasures” and distributed them, but the demand is great! Shortly before leaving Germany to return to Kenya I began praying for five Samburu men who will follow Jesus by the end of this year. Praise God for how He has already been working and pray with us for those five men!

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