November 21, 2020

Martin & Joy Koch

On our last Sunday in Lchakwai, I (Joy) went to our church tree and had one last service with the Samburu women of the church.  Please pray for them as they continue to meet to worship God in song and prayer, without anyone to teach them. 

We had been planning to build a church building in Lchakwai. We have already received quite some donations for that purpose. At present, it seems highly unlikely that we will be able to build a church building in Lchakwai.  Another possibility might be to build a church building in Ltepes, where Martin has had his men’s Bible Study, or to assist in building a church building in Lodung’okwe, where Lemeidimi hopes to start a church. Pray for God’s guidance in this. Perhaps God will work a miracle, and we can still build a church building in Lchakwai.

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