February 19, 2016

Martin & Joy Koch

There are a number of ‘seekers’ and even a few Samburu believers in our area. Three girls have been meeting with C* to read and study the Bible with her. One girl has professed her faith in Christ. One school boy has been meeting with F* and is eager to hear and understand God’s word. Also, in Raragon and woman and a girl are eager to hear the word of God. F* and J* have been faithful in sharing the One Story Bible stories with the boys and men of Moru on a weekly basis. Three of those men can be considered ‘seekers’. This Friday (19th February) the men of Moru will be meeting and hearing the last of the One Story stories. Pray that God may work in their hearts and move them to make a commitment to follow Christ.”

*Names removed for security as team members have gone on to work in Creative Access locations.

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