October 18, 2019

Marsali Campbell

Marsali has been in the UK on Medical Leave since November 2018. “A return to my beloved Africa is imminent. God willing, I fly to Uganda on 26th November… My hope and prayer is that I will be able to pick up my life and work in Africa with some adaptations to accommodate my pain issue, that I may do as much as I can and yet not do too much – that potentially tricky balance. I will continue with my physio exercises and painkillers and remain hopeful for full healing whilst living within the current parameters of this current reality… This past year has been challenging and yet a blessing. I have learned lessons that I did not enjoy at times but needed. I have been a patient rather than a nurse and I hope that will make me a better nurse. I have been through some dark times but I hope that has also made me a better person-more caring, more understanding, more empathetic and more loving. I have been reminded of God’s faithful promises.” Please pray for full healing for Marsali and for wisdom in finding a sustainable pattern of life for ministry in Uganda.

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