April 7, 2017

Marsali Campbell

My class at university consists of a wide variety of nationalities, professions and characters! We are 90 in total… I thought we would all be medical folk, but we have a range [of backgrounds] from human rights, water engineers, policy-makers, researchers, etc. It makes the dynamic of the class very interesting with such a diverse spectrum of backgrounds and experiences. I am the only Christian in the class and any mention about God can either feel like a ‘lead balloon’, or a coldness or apathy – that was quite a surprise to me. No-one has been directly horrible to me, I have to say, but this coldness and antagonism to a faith perspective has woken me up to this time and season being a mission field, too.” Please pray that Marsali will be a good witness to her class and lecturers. Please also pray for God’s blessing on her studies.

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