May 1, 2020

Marsali Campbell

Marsali shares about the time she spent in Karamoja at the end of February: “Lomarotoit Primary School… has been important to our Dwelling Places ministry as we partner together with them in the area of prevention of children migrating to the streets. It was identified many years ago and we’ve been working closely with them and supporting in various ways… There are extreme levels of poverty in this area with many health-related issues, one of which is that the nearest health clinic is 20km away. The nearby borehole for water supply was broken for five years but was recently repaired and functioning but the Headmaster told us today that it’s broken again – safe water is a huge issue related to health. As is severe food shortages and resulting malnutrition. Malaria continues to be a major challenge as well as respiratory infections. But the school is doing a great job with approximately 160 children.” Praise God for what Lomarotoit Primary School is able to do to prevent its pupils migrating to the streets and please pray that God would provide for the needs of the school and its children.

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