December 13, 2019

Mark & Barbara Phippen

The Phippens will be retiring from serving with AIM at the end of the year. Mark writes: “I am recently back from three weeks in Nairobi and Kampala. The trip was primarily to hand over the Clinical Team Leader role to Gunilla, a colleague at Tumanin in Nairobi, but it was in many ways a ‘farewell trip’. It was a time of great blessing and joy for me, mixes with the sadness of goodbyes… Officially speaking, Barbara and I retire at the end of December, but I continue to be involves in mentoring Gunilla as she takes up the Clinical Team Leader role, and also in recruitment matters for Tumaini. So, work is a lot quieter, but I am glad to still be involved… Praise God for his faithfulness in all things, including my recent trip to Kenya and Uganda. Please pray for Gunilla as she steps into her new role as Clinical Team Leader for the Tumaini Counselling Centres, and for the ongoing work of Tumaini as the team seek to serve and support many missionaries working throughout Africa.”

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