March 2, 2018

Mark & Barbara Phippen

“…from March until at least May, we will have just 3 clinical staff working in Nairobi; there used to be 10 in 2014-15. Nonetheless, the team is full of faith, even if tired and stretched, and together we seek God’s will and direction for this work. It is easy for me to say that it is ‘obvious’ that this work needs to continue – for to me it certainly seems so! Yet we also know that God is always moving on, and so it is time for us to see what new things we need to be moving towards, or what old areas of work it is time to bring to a close, even if they have served well in the past. We trust that God has us in his hands and will show us the way forward. So, please pray with us for clarity over God’s leading, and a willingness to follow with gladness.”

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