September 21, 2018


Kay is returning to the Island after some Medical Leave in the UK. “As I think about and prepare to go back I am filled with a whirr of emotions – I am so excited about seeing people, being reunited with friends, neighbours, teammates and catching up on all that has happened in village life while I’ve been away (living in such a small place it does have an extended family feel). I’m also looking forward to having routine and a job again (being in limbo has been hard mentally and emotionally), but I know there are going to be challenges going back too – there’s going to be expectation, questions that I’m not going to have full answers to (particularly in regards to my health). Many people are convinced it’s because of demonic possession or a curse because I choose to stay single, and my lack of recovery, in spite of access to good healthcare, will add to confirm this. Pray for wisdom in dealing with comments and questions about this from genuinely concerned friends. Pray that I would be God-honouring and God-glorifying in my answers.”

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