September 2, 2016


Kay is about to return to the UK for Home Assignment. “Thank you for praying for me over the last term. It has been a battle at times, but just as Moses lifted his hands in prayer when Joshua fought the Amalekites, I am grateful to you for lifting us up as we do battle here… Unlike Joshua, we aren’t fighting a people group (I love the people God has placed me amongst), instead we are joining the Lord of heaven’s armies as he fights for a stronghold against the forces that bind the Islands, and just as God promised further victory against the Amalekites he promises us the same! May we keep our hands raised like Moses, encouraging others to join with us, and supporting each other to stay steady until victory comes… As I look back there is so much to be thankful for, there are so many victories that God has given us, so many times that he has carried us through the battles. I know that the devil still thinks he has the upper hand here, and if you look around one may be tempted to agree, but the battle’s not over yet and we can rejoice in what’s yet to come, knowing that though it might get messy, the victory has already been won!” Praise God that Kay can look back on her last term of service with rejoicing, and please pray for the ongoing work on the Islands, that many will turn to Jesus and be freed from spiritual darkness.

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