March 20, 2020


“There is so much disruption worldwide, so much fear and worry, and while only snippets of information filter down to life on these somewhat sheltered little islands, it has been enough to bring its fear. The lack of a complete picture (often only the worst headlines) has led to different extremes of opinion… Yet I’ve also heard many that say ‘It’s in God’s hands, God is in control, only he can protect us’, and while it may come from a very fatalistic viewpoint there’s a lot of amazing truth in their proclamation. In the middle of all the chaos our Father is still in control, we are in his hands and his love, and in this time of fear, uncertainty and trial we have an amazing opportunity to show that love to others. Our new house is right opposite a large mosque with a religious school attached. Last week all the children came together and laid out mats in the middle of the road for an open-air time of prayer to plead with God for the sick here and to be spared from Coronavirus. Their views of who God is and how and why he listens may be warped but their heart to intercede for their nation and the world is spot on. We need to be on our knees! Know that we are praying for you- as the world faces very uncertain and challenging times, times of great trial, I pray his love and peace reigns in your hearts… At this time and in the days, weeks and months ahead may we experience Dad’s love in deeper ways and show that love to those hurting around us.”

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