December 16, 2016

Kathleen Quellmalz

Elisha will be our new accountant… We got to know Elisha nine years ago on a street corner begging. He needed money for secondary school. Elisha grew up without a father, but had a loving and believing mother… We helped with the school tuition and Elisha walked one hour each way to and from school. Four years later he passed his O level exam to enter A level education. After graduation he secured a position to study financial management and accounting at university. A few days ago he finished his studies and received his diploma… When we asked him if he would consider working with Safina, he agreed immediately. He began his internship with us on November 1st and Stephen will orient and train him during the next six months.” Praise God for leading Elisha to join the team at Safina, and please pray for him while he settles in to work.

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