October 21, 2016

Kathleen Quellmalz

My return trip to Tanzania [at the end of Home Assignment] was planned for last Saturday. I wanted to be back in the warm south again, before the first snowflakes would begin falling. Since my mother’s health condition has declined in past weeks, for the time being I will remain in Germany, at least until the end of the year… I now hope to be able to work on tasks which are often put to the side in Dar es Salaam. Among them is working out the concept of our school project and the revision of our handbook. I thank all of you who are praying for my mother and our family. We know that we are being held in God’s hands.” Please pray for comfort and strength for Kathleen and her family, and that Kathleen will support her family well while she remains in Germany. Please also pray for the team at Safina, that they will be able to cover Kathleen’s work in her absence.

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