April 5, 2019

Kathleen Quellmalz

“Since my return from Germany in November of last year, things have been hectic and I was pretty tired and lacked energy at the beginning of the year. Add to that the heat and humidity of the African summer. So I am grateful that I was able to regain strength physically as well as mentally spiritually. I sincerely thank you for all the prayers and financial support for both me and Safina. Safina has become large and as a human being, I would have to worry all the time about how we can cover our operating expenses, which now amount to 20,000 Euros a month. But God has helped us up to this point and with confidence in him we continue on our walk together.” Praise God that he has been providing for the work of Safina, and please pray for his provision for the future and for Kathleen as she leads the ministry.

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