June 5, 2015

Kathleen Burns

Kathleen has been on extraordinary sick leave but since she is getting better she has been on a trip to re-visit the Ssese Islands in Uganda with her pastor, Gordy Mackay. In Kathleen’s latest prayer letter, Gordy reflects on her ministry: “My time in Uganda made me aware of how essential it is for us to be praying regularly for Kathleen’s protection: both practically and spiritually. Practically, I quickly discovered that travelling on Ugandan roads is a very interesting experience, particularly on mud roads in the rainy season! It was also good to get out to the Ssese Islands. Again to experience the two-hour open boat ride from the mainland helped me understand the practical challenges of Kathleen’s ministry. Spiritually, it was so helpful to be on the Ssese Islands to appreciate something of the real spiritual darkness that exists there. So again it was a reminder of how much we need to rely on God’s protection for Kathleen as she ministers and lives on the islands and reflects the light of Christ to those who are walking in darkness.” Please continue to pray for Kathleen for all these things and for her as she prepares to return to Uganda in the autumn.

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