March 15, 2019

Kathleen Burns

“I asked you to pray that I would be able to do the Return to Nursing Practice course in Edinburgh. Unfortunately the one in Edinburgh was not covering paediatric nursing so I had to go to Glasgow. Thankfully, my practical placement is back at the Sick Kids in Edinburgh so I only have to travel to Glasgow for university days. It is so good to be back at the Sick Kids. I am now a few weeks into the course and I am loving being back on the wards and it is so good to be part of a team again. To say it is a “Shock to the System” is an understatement. I had forgotten what it was like to do a 12.5 hour shift. I leave home at 6.30am for my shift which begins at 7.30am and I reach home again at 9pm. I am definitely feeling my age! I have to do three long days each week as well as occasional days at university and then I also have to work on my assignments. I hope to finish the course in the middle of May… Please continue to pray as I finish this course, pray for strength and energy for each day, for good health and for a good understanding of all that I am learning.”

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