February 27, 2015

Karin Mende

Karin Mende is based in Antsirabe, Madagascar coordinating HIV/AIDS awareness ministry and seminars to encourage church leaders. In her latest prayer letter, she tells us about Hary, who lives with his family among the Bara: “In 2014, they went through a couple of hard months. Locusts depleted their rice harvest and so many people had to resort to the forest for food. Lack of money meant going for three months without soap or salt. Marauding gangs stole cows from the village and left everyone in fear. But, when no outsiders were able to help, God reminded Hary what he had learned in a seminar about how God can change our mind-set and situations… Since the Bara don’t work on Thursdays (because it is taboo), Hary visited all homes with an audio recording of Luke’s gospel in Bara. Interest in God’s word and literacy are increasing. Recently he began teaching villagers to raise chickens to have a reliable source of income. Hope is growing again!” 

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