December 7, 2018

Karin Mende

“During our AIM mission retreat in October, we celebrated our first ‘Malagasy Day’. A bus-load full of our Malagasy co-workers and mission partners joined us to glorify God… Some already-active partners of AIM expressed very clearly their views as indigenous missionaries: ‘At first, we learnt from you, AIM, then you helped us and observed our efforts, until we could do it alone. We Malagasy have ideas of how to “send out workers into the field”, but we can’t do it alone yet.’ We, as AIM, work to reach unreached people groups, like the Antakarana, Bara, Sakalava, and Indian businessmen. Indigenous partners understand culture much better and quicker then we from other countries do… Please pray for more Malagasy missionaries and open doors in churches.”

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