March 22, 2019

Jurgen & Katja Hofmann

“On 3rd January we were enjoying the Christmas holidays. It had been a long time since we had visited Tsiombivohitra and now we had the time. Iaban’i and nendrin’i Melice, the king of the village and his wife, knew that we were coming and had prepared: a tied chicken was already waiting by the fire… When we first came here as a family in 2016, we asked if we would be welcome as missionaries… There was a loud buzz and above that, nendrin’i Melice declared loudly and clearly that we would be friends… From May last year, Jurgen went there weekly to share the gospel with anyone who wanted to hear in the house of the king and his wife. From the outset, nendrin’i Melice in particular was very interested… On 3rd January Jurgen explained about the two roads [in Matthew 7] when nendrin’i Melice exclaimed: “I am on the narrow road!” She was blissfully happy and later added: “I am going to heaven!” In a private conversation, the king later said that he and his wife now believe, but that it is difficult… They are already starting to experience that believing is walking on a narrow road, but happiness can be read in their eyes. We could not have wished for a better Christmas present than to be in Tsiombivohitra that morning.” Praise God for Iaban’i and nendrin’i Melice’s new faith, and pray that God will strengthen them to walk the narrow path of eternal life.

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